ALTASolverModel Enumeration

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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Specifies the life-stress relationship that will be used to perform accelerated life testing data analysis.


Name Value Description
Arrhenius 0 Arrhenius model.
Eyring 1 Eyring model.
PowerLaw 2 Inverse power law (IPL) model.
TempHumidity 3 Temperature-humidity (TH) model.
TempNonThermal 4 Temperature-nonthermal (TNT) model.
PHazards 5 Proportional hazards (PPH) model. ALTA PRO only
GenModel 6 General log-linear (GLL) model. ALTA PRO only
CumDamage 7 Cumulative damage (CD) model. ALTA PRO only
GenEyring 8 Generalized Eyring (GER) model. ALTA PRO only

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