Arrhenius-Exponential Model

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Arrhenius-Exponential Model

This example validates the calculations for the Arrhenius-exponential model in ALTA standard folios.

Reference Case

The data set is from Example 7.1 on page 254 in book Life Cycle Reliability Engineering by Dr. Guangbin Yang, John Wiley & Sons, 2007.


Failure Time Temperature (°C)
2385 85
2537 85
1655 100
1738 100
1025 115
1163 115


For this data set, the Arrhenius life-stress relationship with an exponential distribution is used. The estimated activation energy value is [math]\,\!E_{a}=0.323[/math]. The acceleration factor from 70°C to 35°C is 3.5.

Results in ALTA

In ALTA, the temperature values given in the book are converted from Celsius to Kelvins, as shown next.

Arrhenius Exp Folio.png

The calculated activation energy is 0.323. The acceleration factor from 70°C (343.15 K) to 35°C (308.15 K) is 3.46 as shown next.

Arrhenius Exp QPC.png