BlockDataType Enumeration

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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Specifies the block type of an associated RBDBlockData object.


Name Value Description
Regular 0 Standard block
Node 1 Node block
Subdiagram 2 Subdiagram block
Junction 3 Junction block (i.e., non-failing block)
ContainerSB 4 Standby container
ContainerLS 5 Load sharing container
InsideStandby 101 Contained standby block
InsideLoadSharing 102 Contained load sharing block
GateAND 20 AND gate
GateOR 21 OR gate
GateVote 22 Voting gate
GateInhibit 23 Inhibit
GateNOT 24 NOT gate
GateXOR 25 XOR gate
GateNAND 26 NAND gate
GateNOR 27 NOR
PhaseOperational 50 Operational phase block
PhaseMaintenance 51 Maintenance phase block
PhaseSubdiagram 52 Subdiagram phase block
PhaseBlockNode 53 Phase node block
PhaseBlockStop 54 Phase stop block
Annotation 90 Annotation block

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