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API Changelog

API Reference Documentation

Below is a summary of what has been changed, removed and deprecated in the Synthesis API since its previous version. The status of an object member may be any of the following:

  • Changed - The syntax of the member has changed.
  • Deprecated - The member is obsolete and may be removed in future versions of the API. Do not use it in new applications.
  • Removed - The member has been removed from the object model.

Revisions since 19.0.1

  •   Major   Removed the following depracated properties from the Repository class. The methods with the same names exist in the relevant sub-sections (for example instead of Repository.GetAllProjects, use Repository.Project.GetAllProjects).
  • GetAllProjects
  • GetCurrentProjects
  • SetCurrentProject
  • GetAllUnits
  • GetDefaultUnitID
  • GetAllModelsInfo
  • GetModel
  • GetAllModels
  • AddModel
  • UpdateModel
  • GetAllURDs
  • AddURD
  • UpdateURD
  • GetAllVariables
  • AddVariable
  • UpdateVariable
  • GetAllCorrectiveTasks
  • AddCorrectiveTask
  • UpdateCorrectiveTask
  • GetAllScheduledTasks
  • AddScheduledTask
  • UpdateScheduledTask
  • GetAllTaskTypes
  • GetAllCrews
  • AddCrew
  • UpdateCrew
  • GetAllPools
  • AddPool
  • UpdatePool
  • GetAllActions
  • AddAction
  • UpdateAction
  • ImportBlockSimXMLFile
  • ExportBlockSimXMLFile
  • SaveRawDataSet
  • GetAllXfracasEntities
  • ImportXfracasXmlFile
  • ImportXfracasXmlString
  • ImportXfracasXml
  • SerializeXMLObjectToByteArray
  • ProcessXfracasImports
  • WriteToDiagnosticsLog
  • WriteToDiagnosticsLog
  • Removed the following obsolete methods and properties from cCorrectiveTask class:
  • Removed the following obsolete methods and properties from cScheduledTask class:

Revisions since 11.0.1

Revisions since 10.1.1

  • Removed the obsolete Nr property in XfmeaItem class. Use the PartNr property going forward.
  • Removed the obsolete OnCondPerformTaskEvenIfItBringsSysDown property in cScheduledTask class.
  • Non-breaking changes were made to the following methods. An optional Filter parameter has been added to give the ability to get global or reference resources. The filter's default value is 0, which returns local resources.

Revisions since 10.0.3

  •   Major   The Repository class has been restructured. All of its members are now organized into fields named after the object type they apply to. For example, the Repository.GetAllModels() method, which returns a cModel object, has been renamed to Repository.Model.GetAllModels(); similarly, the Repository.ImportBlockSimXMLFile method has been renamed to Repository.BlockSim.ImportBlockSimXMLFile, etc. The previous versions of the methods still exist so your code is not broken, but they are deprecated and may be removed in future versions of the API.
  • Deprecated the Repository.Model.GetAllModelsInfo() method.
  • Removed the following obsolete properties in cAction class:
  • AppDate
  • AppUserID
  • CompDate
  • DueDate
  • Duration
  • EstCost
  • PersonResp
  • RespUserID
  • ShortDsc
  • StartDate
  • StatusFlag
  • TaskFrequencyIDOrig
  • TaskFrequencyUnitIDOrig
  • TaskFrequencyValueOrig
  • TaskFreqValueVariableIDOrig