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Overlay Plot

BlockSim gives you the ability to place results from more than one RBD, fault tree and/or phase diagram on a single plot using an overlay plot. You must have two or more analyzed diagrams, fault trees and/or phase diagrams within the current project in order to plot multiple diagrams in an overlay plot diagram.

Consider two components, A and B, with Weibull (Beta = 1.5, Eta = 1000) and Weibull (Beta = 1.1, Eta = 800) respectively. Next we will use overlay plot to plot their results in one plot.

With mission time as 100 hours, the reliability of OR gate and AND gate are show in the figures below.

Overlay plot.png

Probability Density Function

The Probability Density Functions for AND gate and OR gate are are plotted in a overlay plot as figure below. The blue line is the AND gate and the black line is the OR gate.

Overlay plot - PDF.png

Reliability vs. Time

The reliability plot for both gates are in figure below.

Overlay plot - Reliability vs Time.png