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This method has been deprecated and may be removed in future versions of the Synthesis API. Do not use it in new applications.

Member of: SynthesisAPI.Repository

Returns an array of NameIdPair objects that represent the name and ID pairs of the model resources in the current project. This includes internal models automatically created with any new repository (model ID#s 1 to 20).





Optional. A filter that returns a particular type of resource (e.g., global only, local and global only, etc.). Can be any ResourceFilterEnum constant. Default value = 0, which returns local resources only.


This example assumes that models exist in the first available project of a repository.


 'Declare a new Repository object and connect to a Synthesis repository. 
  Dim MyRepository As New Repository
 'Get a list of all local models in project #1. 
  Dim ListofModels() As NameIDPair
  MyRepository.Project.SetCurrentProject (1)  
  ListofModels = MyRepository.Model.GetAllModelsInfo()

 'Output sample: Display the number of models in the project. 
  Dim NumberofElements As Integer
  NumberofElements = UBound(ListofModels) - LBound(ListofModels) + 1
  MsgBox (NumberofElements)