TeamInfo.SetCrewIDs Method

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Member of: SynthesisAPI.TeamInfo

Sets the IDs of the crews included in the team.

Remarks: Designed for VB6/VBA users, .NET users should use CrewIDs property instead.


.SetCrewIDs(ByRef arr())



Required as integer. An array of the crew IDs.



 'Declare a new Repository object and connect to a Synthesis repository. 
  Dim MyRepository As New Repository
 'Set the IDs for existing crews 
  Dim CrewIDs() As Long
  ReDim CrewIDs(2)
  CrewIDs(0) = 1
  CrewIDs(1) = 4
  CrewIDs(2) = 5
 'Create instance of TeamInfo. 
  Dim Team1 As New TeamInfo
 'Set the crew IDs for Team1. 
  Call Team1.SetCrewIDS(CrewIDs)

 'Do the same for another team. 
  ReDim CrewIDs(3)
  CrewIDs(0) = 3
  CrewIDs(1) = 7
  CrewIDs(2) = 8
  CrewIDs(3) = 9
 'Create instance of TeamInfo. 
  Dim Team2 As New TeamInfo
 'Set the crew IDs for Team2. 
  Call Team2.SetCrewIDS(CrewIDs)

 'Get a particular task with ID of 2 from repository. 
  Dim aTask As cCorrectiveTask
  Set aTask = MyRespository.Task.GetCorrectiveTask(2)

 'Put the teams previously created into array. 
  Dim Teams(1) As TeamInfo
  Set Teams(0) = Team1
  Set Teams(1) = Team2

 'Assign teams to the task. 
  Call Task.SetTeams(Teams)
 'Update task in repository. 
  Call MyRepository.Task.UpdateCorrectiveTask(Task)