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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Template Documentation

This template creates a breadcrumb link in the Synthesis API Reference Documentation pages. It is meant to resemble the navigation element found in VBA and VB.NET's Object Browser window.

This template helps readers navigate the API object library by inserting links to the parent items of an API call, thereby showing the call's place in the hierarchy. The API object library itself is the top-level item (level 0), classes and enums are level 1, methods and properties are level 2, etc.


This template has four optional parameters. The structure is as follows:


where LINK1, LINK2, etc. are the parameters. You must add a period before each link.

Each parameter corresponds to a sub level in the hierarchy. This means that LINK1 is the link to the level 1 item, LINK2 is the link to the level 2 item, and so on.

Example 1

The following code example shows the breadcumb link for a level 1 call. Because the parent item is the API object library itself, the template omits all parameters.


The output of this code shows the level 0 parent item, as follows:

Member of: SynthesisAPI

Example 2

The following code example shows the breadcrumb link for a level 2 call. In this case, the template populates the first parameter by adding a link to the call's parent item.

{{Template:APIBreadcrumb|.[[Repository Class|Repository]]}}

The output of this code shows the level 0 and level 1 parent items, separated by a period:


As of 2016, we have only one API object library; therefore, the link to the V9/V10 API Reference Documentation was hard coded into this template. If Development creates a second object library in the future, you might want to create a new breadcrumb template for that library. That way, you have a way of navigating items related to a particular library.