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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Enumeration associated with the Repository.Project.GetUserPermissions method.


Name Value Description
Read 1
EditCreateProjectItems 2
DeleteProjectItems 3
ManageOwnProjectResources 4
ManageAllProjectResources 5
CreatePrivateProjects 6 Create and own private projects.
CreatePublicProjects 7 Create and own public projects.
ManageAllProjects 8
ManageLibraries 9 Manage profiles and templates in XFMEA, RCM++ and RBI.
ManageDatabaseSecurity 10 Manage users and logins.
ManageOtherRepositorySettings 12 Manage time units, global identifiers, etc.
CreateMessages 13
ManageCurrentProject 14 This is a permission for a given project and not a database permission.
ApproveActions 15
EditProjectSecurity 16
EditProjectProperties 17
LockCheckOutProject 18
CreateRestorePoints 19
DeleteProject 20
ManageChangeLogs 21 Activate and manage change logs in XFMEA, RCM++ and RBI.
ApproveChangeLogs 22 Approve change logs in XFMEA, RCM++ and RBI.
ManageAllPortalMessages 23
ManageGlobalResources 24
ManageLPSettings 25 Manage Lambda Predict repository settings.
ManageDashboardLayouts 26
CreateReferenceProjects 27
PublishSEP 28
ManageSDWCollections 29 Manage SDW data collections.
ManageProjectPlans 30 Create and edit project plans.
ManageCategories 31
ManagePublicProjects 32
ManageReferenceProjects 33
ManagePrivateProjects 34
ManageProjectPlanResources 35 Manage project planning resources and working days.
ManageMPCSettings 36
DeactivateChangeLogs 37 Deactivate change logs in XFMEA, RCM++ and RBI.