WAPlotType Enumeration

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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Specifies the plot type for an associated WAPlots object.


Name Value Description
Probability 0 Probability plot.
Reliability 1 Reliability vs. time plot.
Unreliability 2 Unreliability vs. time plot.
Pdf 3 Probability density function.
FailureRate 4 Failure rate vs. time plot.
Contour 5 Contour plot.
FSHistogram 6 Failures/suspensions histogram.
FSPie 7 Failures/suspensions timeline.
FSTimeline 8 Failures/suspensions timeline.
UseLevelProbability 12 Use level probability plot.
LifeVsStress 13 Life vs. stress plot.
StdDevVsStress 14 Standard deviation vs. stress plot.
AFVsStress 15 Acceleration factor vs. stress.
StandardResiduals 16 Standard residuals plot.
CoxSnellResiduals 17 Cox-Snell residuals plot.
StandardVsFittedValue 18 Standard vs. fitted value plot.
PdfHistogram 777 pdf histogram.

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