WeibullSolverDistribution Enumeration

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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Specifies the life distribution setting of an associated WeibullAnalysisOptions object.

Remarks: To specify the form of the distribution (e.g., 2-parameter, 3-parameter, mixed Weibull, etc.), use the Parameters property of the object.


Name Value Description
Weibull 0 Weibull distribution or Mixed Weibull analysis.
Normal 1 Normal distribution.
Exponential 2 Exponential distribution
Lognormal 3 Lognormal distribution.
G_Gamma 4 Generalized gamma distribution.
Logistic 5 Logistic distribution.
Loglogistic 6 Loglogistic distribution.
Gumbel 7 Gumbel distribution.
Gamma 8 Gamma distribution.
Bayesian 9 Bayesian-Weibull analysis.

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