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Display a prompt, and returns the result.

Method Syntax

Question( ByVal sender As ALTADataSet, ByVal sMsg As String , ByVal Buttons As MsgBoxStyle, ByRef Answer As MsgBoxResult)

Called by ‘sender’ when an answer to the question is required.


sender An ALTADataSet object

sMsg The main display label.

Buttons The MsgBoxStyle that determines the number and display of the buttons. See MsgBoxStyle for additional details.

Answer The MsgBoxResult that is returned by the prompt. See MsgBoxResult for additional details.

Usage Example

Declare the ALTAEvents.
Declare the ALTADataSet.
Note: The ALTADataSet constructor already creates a new ALTAEvents, which could be used in place of AEvents in the example below.
Select a message box style. See MsgBoxStyle for additional details.
Declare a result variable. See MsgBoxResult for additional details.

       Dim AEvents as New ALTAEvents
       Dim ADS as New ALTADataSet
       Dim MsgBoxStyle1 as MsgBoxStyle = MsgBoxStyle.OkCancel
       Dim MsgBoxResult1 as MsgBoxResult

Prompts user with "Question1" and returns result in MsgBoxResult1.

       AEvents.Question(ADS, "Question1", MsgBoxStyle1, MsgBoxResult1)