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Called when an answer to a question is required. Displays a prompt and returns the result.


  • Question( sender As ALTADataSet, sMsg As String , Buttons As MsgBoxStyle, Answer As MsgBoxResult)


sender: A ALTADataSet object.
sMsg: The main display label.
Buttons: The MsgBoxStyle that determines the number and display of the buttons. See MsgBoxStyle for additional details.
Answer: The MsgBoxResult that is returned by the prompt. See MsgBoxResult for additional details.

Usage Example

Declare the ALTAEvents.
Declare the ALTADataSet.
Note: The ALTADataSet constructor already creates a new ALTAEvents, which could be used in place of AEvents in the example below.
Select a message box style. See MsgBoxStyle for additional details.
Declare a result variable. See MsgBoxResult for additional details.

       Dim AEvents as New ALTAEvents
       Dim ADS as New ALTADataSet
       Dim MsgBoxStyle1 as MsgBoxStyle = MsgBoxStyle.OkCancel
       Dim MsgBoxResult1 as MsgBoxResult

Prompts user with "Question1" and returns result in MsgBoxResult1.

       AEvents.Question(ADS, "Question1", MsgBoxStyle1, MsgBoxResult1)