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Called when an answer to a question is required. Displays a prompt and returns the result.


  • Question( sender As ALTADataSet, sMsg As String , Buttons As MsgBoxStyle , Answer As MsgBoxResult )


sender: An ALTADataSet object.
sMsg: The main display label.
Buttons: The MsgBoxStyle that determines the number and display of the buttons. See MsgBoxStyle for additional details.
Answer: The MsgBoxResult that is returned by the prompt. See MsgBoxResult for additional details.

Usage Example

This example demonstrates how to produce a dialog box when an answer to a question is required.

 'Create a new ALTADataSet object. 
 Dim ADS As New ALTADataSet
 'Overrides requested. Create a new class, inherit ALTAEvents, and set the dataset's events. 
 Private Class myEvents
     Inherits ALTAEvents
     Public Overrides Sub Question(sender As ALTADataSet, sMsg As String, Buttons As MsgBoxStyle, ByRef Answer As MsgBoxResult)
         MyBase.Question(sender, sMsg, Buttons, Answer)
             '<Add additional code here.> 
     End SubEnd Class
 'Set the new Events class. 
 ADS.Events = New myEvents
 'Initialize the MsgBoxStyle and MsgBoxResult variables. Three buttons will be displayed. 
 Dim Buttons As MsgBoxStyle = MsgBoxStyle.YesNoCancel
 Dim Answer As MsgBoxResult 
 'Ask a question. Result will be updated in Answer. 
 ADS.Events.Question(ADS, "Continue?", Buttons, Answer)