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{{Template:APIClass|ALTAEvents Class|ALTAEvents}}
{{Template:API}}{{Template:APIBreadcrumb|.[[ALTAEvents Class|ALTAEvents]]}}
== Syntax ==
{{APIName|[[ALTADataSet Class|ALTADataSet]]}},
{{APIPrefix|As String}},
{{APIPrefix|As String}},
{{APIPrefix|As Double}},
{{APIPrefix|As Boolean}},
{{APIPrefix|As Long}},
{{APIPrefix|As Boolean}}
:''sender'': An  [[ALTADataSet Class|ALTADataSet]] object.
:''msgx_0'': The main display label.
:''msgx_1'': The remaining label.
:''pdone '': The percentage to display, in decimal form (0.00 to 0.99).
:''append_to'': If True, append ''pdone'' to the current percentage value in the progress display at the rate of ''Prev_increment'', otherwise ''pdone'' will replace the value.
:''Prev_increment'': This is the value of the incremental value per progress update if ''append_to'' is True.  If ''append_to'' is False, this value is ignored.
:''Cancel'': This determines if the calculation can be cancelled.
== Usage Example ==
This example demonstrates how to produce a dialog box when the calculation progress should be updated.
{{APIComment|'Overrides requested. Create a new class, inherit WeibullEvents, and set the dataset's events.}}
  Private Class myEvents
      Inherits WeibullEvents
      Public Overrides Sub UpdateCalculationProgress(sender As ALTADataSet, msgx_0 As String,
      msgx_1 As String, pdone As Double, append_to As Boolean, Prev_increment As Long,
      ByRef Cancel As Boolean)
          MyBase.UpdateCalculationProgress(sender, msgx_0, msgx_1, pdone, append_to,
          Prev_increment, Cancel)
          {{APIComment|'<Additional overridden code here.>}}
      End Sub
  End Class
{{APIComment|'Set the new Events class.}}
  ADS.Events = New myEvents
{{APIComment|'Update calculation progress.}}
  ADS.Events.UpdateCalculationProgress(ADS, "Main Label","Remaining Label", 0.8, False, 0, wasCanceled)
{{APIComment|'The "Cancel" checkbox reflects the value of wasCanceled.}}

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