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Provides ability to customize the calculation progress display.

Method Syntax

UpdateCalculationProgress( ByVal sender As ALTADataSet , ByVal msgx_0 As String, ByVal msgx_1 As String, ByVal pdone As Double, ByVal append_to As Boolean, ByVal Prev_increment As Long, ByRef Cancel As Boolean )
Called by ‘sender’ when the calculation progress should be updated.


sender An ALTADataSet object

msgx_0 The main display label.

msgx_1 The remaining label.

pdone The percentage,in decimal, to display. (0 to .99)

append_to If True, append pdone to the current percentage value in the progress display at the rate of Prev_increment, otherwise pdone will replace the value.

Prev_increment This is the value of the incremental value per progress update, if append_to is True. If append_to is False, this value is ignored.

Cancel This determines if the calculation can be cancelled.

Usage Example

Declare the ALTAEvents.
Declare the ALTADataSet.
Note: The ALTADataSet constructor already creates a new ALTAEvents, which could be used in place of AEvents in the example below.

       Dim AEvents as New ALTAEvents
       Dim ADS as New ALTADataSet

Update the calculation progress display.

       AEvents.UpdateCalculationProgress(ADS, "NewMessage1", "NewMessage2", 100, False, 0, True)