ALTASegment Class

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Used with the ALTAStressProfile.GetSegments method to return each segment of a stress profile.


  • SegmentStart (as double) The segment's start time.
  • SegmentEnd (as double) The segment's end time.
  • Stress (as double) The stress level throughout the segment.

Usage Example

 'Declare an ALTAStressProfile object. See ALTAStressProfile. 
 Dim SP As New ALTAStressProfile("Profile1")
 'Add segments. 
 SP.AddSegment(1, 250)
 SP.AddSegment(2, 300)
 SP.AddSegment(3, 400)
 'Get segments. 
 Dim StressSegments() As ALTASegment
 StressSegments = SP.GetSegments
 'Get the start time of the first segment. 
 Dim SegStart As Double
 SegStart = StressSegments(0).SegmentStart