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Below are simple tutorials to help you get started with using the Synthesis API. The tutorials assume some basic working knowledge in VBA or .NET programming, and general familiarity with Synthesis applications.

Referencing the Synthesis API Library File

To use the ReliaSoft API in your code, you must reference the ReliaSoft API library in your VBA or .NET projects. The file is located in the folder where the ReliaSoft desktop applications are installed. By default for Version 2019, this folder is at "C:\Program Files\ReliaSoft\ReliaSoft 2019." For VBA, you will use the ReliaSoftAPI19.tlb file; for .NET applications, you will use the ReliaSoftAPI19.dll file.

To reference the library in VBA:

  1. Enter the VBA environment by clicking the Visual Basic command on the Developer tab (If the Developer tab is not visible, see this Microsoft article).
  2. In the VBA environment, choose Tools > References.
  3. Click Browse and find the ReliaSoftAPI19.tlb file on your computer. Click OK.

To reference the library in Visual Studio:

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the References node and choose Add References.
  2. In the Reference Manager window, click the Browse tab and find the ReliaSoftAPI19.dll file on your computer. Click OK.
  3. Copy the following files from the ReliaSoft installation folder to your target folder (e.g., bin/Debug or bin/Release Folder).
  • licncr.dll
  • licncr.dll.nsign
  • licshr.dll
  • licshr.dll.nsign
  • msvcp110.dll
  • msvcr110.dll
  • RSDB.dll
  • RSLM8nCodeDotNetWrapper.dll
  • utlibr.dll


Before you begin, be sure to review the prerequisites presented in the overview page. The tutorials are designed to work with the latest version of the Synthesis applications.


Importing Data

Performing Analyses and Creating Plots (requires a Synthesis API license)