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{{APIComment|Get the Bounds parameters.}}
{{APIComment|Get the Bounds parameters.}}
         Dim ModelBoundsParameters as List(Of [[ParamBoundsValues Class|ParamBoundsValues]])
         Dim ModelBoundsParameters() as [[ParamBoundsValues Class|ParamBoundsValues]]  
         ModelBoundsParameters = AModel.Bounds_Parameters
         ModelBoundsParameters = AModel.Bounds_Parameters

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Returns bounds on the parameters.


Bounds_Parameters () As List( Of ParamBoundsValues)
Returns an array containing bounds on all model parameters.

Usage Example

Declare a new repository connection class.

       Private WithEvents MyRepository As New Repository

Connect to the Synthesis repository.

       Dim Success As Boolean = False
       Success = MyRepository.ConnectToRepository("RepositoryFileNamePath")

Get the list of Projects in the connected repository.

       Dim ListOfModels() As NameIdPair
       ListOfModels = MyRepository.GetAllModelsInfo()

Select the ID of the model and retrieve it.

       Dim AModel as cModel
       AModel = MyRepository.GetModel(ListOfModels(0).ID)

Get the Bounds parameters.

       Dim ModelBoundsParameters() as ParamBoundsValues 
       ModelBoundsParameters = AModel.Bounds_Parameters