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Returns an array containing bounds on all the model parameters. Use the SetConfidenceLevel method to specify the confidence bound settings.


Usage Example

 Declare a new repository connection class. 
 Private WithEvents MyRepository As New Repository
 Connect to the Synthesis repository. 
 Dim Success As Boolean = False
 Success = MyRepository.ConnectToRepository("RepositoryFileNamePath")
 Get the model with the numerical ID 15. 
 Dim AModel as cModel
 AModel = MyRepository.GetModel(15)
 Get the confidence bounds on the parameters of that model. 
 Dim ModelBoundsParameters() as ParamBoundsValues
 ModelBoundsParameters = AModel.Bounds_Parameters
 Save the lower bound on the first parameter. 
 Dim lower as double
 lower = ModelBoundsParameters.Lower