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== Usage Example ==
== Usage Example ==
<div style="margin-right: 150px;">
<div style="margin-right: 150px;">
  {{APIComment|'Declare a new repository connection class. See [[Repository Class|Repository]].}}
  {{APIComment|'Declare a new repository connection object. See [[Repository Class|Repository]].}}
   Dim MyRepository As New Repository
   Dim MyRepository As New Repository

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Returns the scale parameter for ALTA models. Returns 0 if the model is not an ALTA model.

Scale parameter = eta for Weibull, lambda for exponential, log-mean for lognormal.


  • ScaleParameter_A()As Double

Usage Example

 'Declare a new repository connection object. See Repository. 
 Dim MyRepository As New Repository
 'Connect to the Synthesis repository. 
 Dim Success As Boolean = False
 Success = MyRepository.ConnectToRepository("RepositoryFileNamePath")
 'Get the list of projects in the connected repository. 
 Dim ListOfModels() As NameIdPair
 ListOfModels = MyRepository.GetAllModelsInfo()
 'Select the ID of the model and retrieve it. 
 Dim AModel as cModel
 AModel = MyRepository.GetModel(ListOfModels(0).ID)
 'Retrieve the scale parameter of the Model. 
 Dim ScaleParameter as Double
 ScaleParameter = MyRepository.GetModel(ListOfModels(0).ID).ScaleParameter_A