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Returns the scale parameter for ALTA models. Returns 0 if the model is not an ALTA model.
Scale parameter - Eta for Weibull, Lambda for Exponential, LogMean for Lognormal.


ScaleParameter_A () As Double
Returns an array containing model parameters and their values.

Usage Example

Declare a new repository connection class.

       Private WithEvents MyRepository As New Repository

Connect to the Synthesis repository.

       Dim Success As Boolean = False
       Success = MyRepository.ConnectToRepository("RepositoryFileNamePath")

Get the list of Projects in the connected repository.

       Dim ListOfModels() As NameIdPair
       ListOfModels = MyRepository.GetAllModelsInfo()

Select the ID of the model and retrieve it.

       Dim AModel as cModel
       AModel = MyRepository.GetModel(ListOfModels(0).ID)

Retrieve the scale parameter of the Model.

       Dim ScaleParameter as Double
       ScaleParameter = MyRepository.GetModel(ListOfModels(0).ID).ScaleParameter_A