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{{Template:APIClass|WeibullDataSet Class|WeibullDataSet}}
{{Template:APIClass|WeibullDataSet Class|WeibullDataSet}}{{DISPLAYTITLE:cModel Constructors}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:cModel Constructors}}
Constructors for the [[WeibullDataSet_Class|WeibullDataSet]] class.
Constructors for the [[WeibullDataSet_Class|WeibullDataSet]] class.

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Constructors for the WeibullDataSet class.


  • WeibullDataSet() Creates a new WeibullDataSet object with an empty data set name.
  • WeibullDataSet( ModelTypeAs ModelTypeEnum, ModelCategory As ModelCategoryEnum, ModelName As String,ParamArray ModelParams()As Double) Creates a new WeibullDataSet object with the user-specified data set name.


ModelType: The type of model (e.g., 2-parameter Weibull), specified with a ModelTypeEnum value.
ModelCategory: The model category (e.g., reliability model), specified with a ModelCategoryEnum value.
ModelName: The model name.
ModelParams: An array of parameter values. The parameters should be specified as described in Parameter Arrays.