cModel Constructors

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Constructors for the cModel class.


  • cModel() Creates an empty model (use SetModel method to set the model name, type, category and parameters).
  • cModel( ModelTypeAs ModelTypeEnum, ModelCategory As ModelCategoryEnum, ModelName As String,ParamArray ModelParams()As Double) Creates a new model using the provided model type, category, name and parameters.


ModelType: The type of model (e.g., 2-parameter Weibull), specified with a ModelTypeEnum enumeration value. Note that some models cannot be created through the API (i.e., some can be created only within the user interface of a Synthesis application). See ModelTypeEnum.
ModelCategory: The model category (e.g., reliability model), specified with a ModelCategoryEnum value.
ModelName: The model name.
ModelParams(): An array of parameter values.

Usage Example

 'Declare the cModel class using a pre-defined parameter list. 
 Dim newParams(1) As Double
 newParams(0) = 1
 newParams(1) = 100
 Dim newModel As New cModel(ModelTypeEnum.Weibull2, 
   ModelCategoryEnum.Reliability, "NewModel1", newParams)
 'Alternatively, declare the cModel class using an in-line parameter list. 
 Dim newModel As New cModel(ModelTypeEnum.Weibull2, 
   ModelCategoryEnum.Reliability, "NewModel1", 1, 100)