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Member of: SynthesisAPI9.cModel

A parameterized constructor for the cModel class. (VB.NET only)


cModel(ModelType, ModelCategory, ModelName, ParamArray ModelParams())



Required. The type of model (e.g., 2-parameter Weibull). Can be any of the model types listed in the table below. These constants are obtained from the ModelTypeEnum.


Required. The model category (e.g., reliability model). Can be any ModelCategoryEnum constant.


Required. String. The model name.


Required. Double. An array of the model's parameters.

Model Type Order of Parameters
Weibull Beta, Eta, Gamma
Normal Mean, Std
Lognormal LogMean, LogStd
Exponential Lambda, Gamma
G-Gamma Mu, K
Gamma Mu, K
Logistic Mu, Sigma
LogLogistic Mu, Sigma
Gumbel Mu, Sigma
Mixed Weibull Subpop1-Beta, Subpop1-Eta, Subpop1-Portion, Subpop2-Beta, Subpop2-Eta, Subpop2-Portion, Subpop3-Beta, Subpop3-Eta, Subpop3-Portion, Subpop4-Beta, Subpop4-Eta, Subpop4-Portion
FixedUnreliability If creating a constant model, enter a value for Parameter 1 and set Parameter 2 to zero (0) or nothing.
If creating a dynamic model, enter the numeric ID of the variable resource for Parameter 2 and set Parameter 1 to zero (0) or nothing. If the variable does not exist, it creates a dynamic model with no predefined variable.



 'The following code creates a 2-parameter Weibull reliability model, 
 'with beta 1 and eta 100. The model name is "MyNewModel." 
 Dim ModelParams(1) As Double
 ModelParams(0) = 1
 ModelParams(1) = 100
 Dim newModel As New cModel(ModelTypeEnum.Weibull2,ModelCategoryEnum.Reliability, "MyNewModel", ModelParams)

 'Alternatively, you can create a new model using an in-line parameter list. 
 Dim newModel As New cModel(ModelTypeEnum.Weibull2, ModelCategoryEnum.Reliability, "MyNewModel", 1, 100)