cScheduledTask.SetCrewIDs Method

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Member of: SynthesisAPI.cScheduledTask

Assigns crews to the task.

Remarks: Alternatively, .NET users can use the CrewIDs() property in the class to get or set the crew IDs.





Required. Long. An array of the numeric IDs of the crews to be assigned to the task.


This example assumes that the repository contains existing crews.



 'Add code to create a new task or get an existing task. 
 Dim aTask As cScheduledTask

 'Create an array and define the crews to be assigned. For this example, 
 'assume that crew ID#2 and ID#4 are to be assigned to the task. 
 Dim myarray(1) As Long
 myarray(0) = 2
 myarray(1) = 4
 'Assign the crews to the task. 
 Call aTask.SetCrewIDs(myarray)