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'''[[Synthesis_API_Reference|<< Back to API Main Page]]'''
To use the Synthesis API in your code, you must reference the Synthesis API library in your VBA or .NET projects. The library is located in the folder where the Synthesis applications are installed. By default, this folder is at "C:\Program Files\ReliaSoft\Synthesis 10". (For Version 9, it is "C:\Program Files\ReliaSoft\Synthesis 9".)
Referencing a library also activates Visual Basic Intellisense ™, which displays the syntax of a statement and applicable parameters as you begin coding.
==To reference the library from VBA==
# Enter the VBA environment by clicking the '''Visual Basic''' command on the Developer tab (If the Developer tab is not visible, see [https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb608625.aspx this Microsoft article]).
# In the VBA environment, choose '''Tools > References'''. (If the References command is unavailable, click the '''Reset''' button on the ribbon and then try again.)
# Click '''Browse''' and find the SynthesisAPI.tlb file on your computer. Click '''OK'''. The library is now ready for use.
==To reference the library from Visual Studio==
# In Solution Explorer, double-click the '''My Project''' node for the project.
# In the Project Designer, click the '''References''' tab, then click the '''Add''' button.
# In the Add Reference window, click the '''Browse''' tab and find the SynthesisAPI.dll file on your computer. Click '''OK'''. The library is now ready for use.

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