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Member of: SynthesisAPI10.Repository

Uploads an XML string to XFRACAS for processing. Returns an Integer that represents the import file's system ID.

You must have admin privileges in the XFRACAS entity in order to import data into it. In addition, the XML file must use the XFRACAS format in order to be successfully imported. The XFRACAS9/10 Import Business Logic (PDF) document provides a complete description of the format.

Once the XML file has been uploaded for processing, use the ProcessXfracasImports method to process the XML file.


.XFRACAS.ImportXFRACASXMLString(entityID, importType, xmlString, fileTitle, fileDescription)



Required. Integer. The ID number of the XFRACAS entity to import the data into.


Required. The type of XFRACAS element (e.g., incident, problem, etc.) to import. Can be any XFRACASImportType constant.


Required. String. The string consisting of the XML to import.


Required. String. The file title of the XML file byte array to import.


Required. String. A description of the XML data to import.


This example assumes that the repository has connections to existing XFRACAS entities.


 'Add code to connect to a Synthesis repository. 
  Dim MyRepository As New Repository

 'Define an XML string and populate it with the XML text. 
  Dim xmlString As String = Nothing

 'Import the XML string into XFRACAS entity ID# 1. 
  Dim ImportXMLSystemID As Integer
  ImportXMLSystemID = MyRepository.XFRACAS.ImportXFRACASXMLString(1, XFRACASImportType.Incident, xmlString, "XMLFileTitle", "XMLFileDescription")

 'Process the imported file.