Repository.Xfmea.GetAllItemsInSystemHierarchyDictionary Method

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Member of: SynthesisAPI.Repository

Returns a dictionary object that contains all available system hierarchy items in the current project. The dictionary syntax is Dictionary(Of Integer, XfmeaItem), where the ID numbers are the keys, and the XfmeaItem objects that represent the system hierarchy items are the associated values. (.NET only)




This example assumes that system hierarchy items exist in the first available project of the repository.


 'Declare a new Repository object and connect to a Synthesis repository. 
  Dim MyRepository As New Repository

 'Set the first project in the repository as the current project. 
 'Declare a new dictionary object. 
  Dim Dict As Dictionary (of Integer, XfmeaItem)  

 'Add values to the dictionary. 
  Dict = MyRepository.Xfmea.GetAllItemsInSystemHierarchyDictionary()

 'Output sample: Display the number of entries in the dictionary.