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(Applied V10.1 updates to main topic)
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==Revisions since 10.1.0==
*Removed the obsolete <code>Nr</code> property in [[XfmeaItem Class]]. Use the <code>PartNr</code> property going forward.
*Removed the obsolete <code>OnCondPerformTaskEvenIfItBringsSysDown</code> property in [[CScheduledTask_Class|cScheduledTask Class]].
==Revisions since 10.0.3==
*'''<span style="color:#FCF8F8; background-color:#1D572F">&nbsp; Major &nbsp;</span>''' The [[Repository Class|Repository class]] has been restructured. All of its members are now organized into fields named after the object type they apply to. For example, the <code>Repository.GetAllModels()</code> method, which returns a cModel object, has been renamed to <code>Repository.Model.GetAllModels()</code>; similarly, the <code>Repository.ImportBlockSimXMLFile</code> method has been renamed to <code>Repository.BlockSim.ImportBlockSimXMLFile</code>, etc. The previous versions of the methods still exist so your code is not broken, but they are deprecated and may be removed in future versions of the API.
* The [[Repository.Model.GetAllModelsInfo|Repository.Model.GetAllModelsInfo()]] method is deprecated.
* The following obsolete properties in the [[CAction Class|cAction class]] have been removed:
*The following obsolete properties in the [[CScheduledTask_Class|cScheduledTask class]] have been removed:

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