TeamInfo.GetCrewIDs Method

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Member of: SynthesisAPI.TeamInfo

Returns an array of the IDs of the crews included in the team.

Remarks: Designed for VB6/VBA users, .NET users should use CrewIDs property instead.


.GetCrewIDs(ByRef arr())



Required as integer. An array of the crew IDs.



 'Add code to get an existing team. 
  Dim aTeam As TeamInfo


 'Get the IDs of the crews assigned to the team. 
  Dim myarray() As integer
  Call aTeam.GetCrewIDs(myarray)

 'Sample output. 
  Dim i As Integer
  Dim upper As Integer
  Dim lower As Integer

  upper = UBound(myarray)

  For i = 0 To upper
    MsgBox "Crew ID = " & myarray(i)
  Next i