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 Dim MyRepository As New Repository
 'Connect to a Synthesis repository. 
 Dim Success As Boolean = False
 Success = MyRepository.ConnectToRepository("C:\Users\Name\Documents\ReliaSoft\Files\repository.rsr10")
 'Get a list of the names/IDs of projects in the connected repository. 
 Dim ListOfProjects() As NameIdPair
 ListOfProjects = MyRepository.Project.GetAllProjects()
 'Open the first project in the list. 
 'Get a list of the names/IDs of models in the current project. 
 Dim ListOfModels() As NameIdPair
 ListOfModels = MyRepository.Model.GetAllModelsInfo()
 'Retrieve the first model in the list. 
 Dim AModel As cModel
 AModel = MyRepository.Model.GetModel(ListOfModels(0).ID)
 'Calculate the reliability at time = 50 and save the result. See Reliability. 
 Dim Rel As Double
 Rel = AModel.Reliability(50)
 'Disconnect from the repository.