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==Non-Parameteric Recurrence Data Analysis==
#REDIRECT [[Recurrent Event Data Analysis]]
Non-parametric recurrence data analysis provides a non-parametric graphical estimate of the mean cumulative number or cost of recurrence per unit versus age. In the reliability field, the Mean Cumulative Function (MCF) can be used to: [[Appendix: Weibull References|[31]]]
:* Evaluate whether the population repair (or cost) rate increases or decreases with age (this is useful for product retirement and burn-in decisions).
:* Estimate the average number or cost of repairs per unit during warranty or some time period.
:* Compare two or more sets of data from different designs, production periods, maintenance policies, environments, operating conditions, etc.
:* Predict future numbers and costs of repairs, such as the expected number of failures next month, quarter, or year.
:* Reveal unexpected information and insight.
{{mean cumulative function for recurrence data}}
{{confidence limits for the MCF}}

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