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{{Template:APIClass|WAPlots Class|WAPlots}}
{{Template:APIClass|WAPlots Class|WAPlots}}
Add a [[WeibullDataSet Class|WeibullDataSet]] or [[ALTADataSet Class|ALTADataSet]] to the [[WAPlots Class|WAPlot]] Class.
== Weibull Method Syntax ==
== Weibull Method Syntax ==

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Adds the specified WeibullDataSet or ALTADataSet object that the plot will be based on.

Weibull Method Syntax

AddDataSet( ByVal DataSet As WeibullDataSet )

Adds Weibull data set for subsequent plotting.

ALTA Method Syntax

AddDataSet( ByVal DataSet As ALTADataSet )

Adds ALTA data set for subsequent plotting.


DataSet The variable name of the WeibullDataSet or ALTADataSet object to add to the collection.

Usage Example

Create a new Weibull/ALTA Plot instance.

       Dim WeibullALTAPlot As New WAPlots

Declare a WeibullDataSet. See New WeibullDataSet for additional details.

       Dim WDS as New WeibullDataSet

Add values to the raw data. See AddFailure for additional details.

       WDS.AddFailure(1, 1)
       WDS.AddFailure(2, 1)
       WDS.AddFailure(3, 1)

Add the WeibullDataSet to the WAPlots.