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== Method Syntax  ==
== Method Syntax  ==
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Provides a method to clear the raw data entered into the WeibullDataSet.

Method Syntax


Clears all data and fitted model. All analysis settings stay unchanged.

Usage Example

Declare the WeibullDataSet. See New WeibullDataSet for additional details.

       Dim WDS as New WeibullDataSet

Add values to the raw data. See WeibullDataSet.AddFailure for additional details.

       WDS.AddFailure(1, 1)
       WDS.AddFailure(2, 1)
       WDS.AddFailure(3, 1)

Calculate the Fitted Model using the raw data.


Use the Fitted Model using the raw data.

       Dim WDSFittedModel as cModel
       WDSFittedModel = WDS.FittedModel

Use ClearDataSet to clear data and fitted model.


Get the number of failures. In this example, NumberOfFailures will be 0.

       Dim NumberOfFailures as Integer
       NumberOfFailures = WeibullDataSet.FailureCount