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Clears all data in the data set and removes the fitted model, if any.


  • ClearDataSet()

Usage Example

 'Declare a new WeibullDataSet object. See WeibullDataSet. 
 Dim WDS as New WeibullDataSet
 'Add failure times to the raw data. See WeibullDataSet.AddFailure. 
 WDS.AddFailure(1, 1)
 WDS.AddFailure(2, 1)
 WDS.AddFailure(3, 1)
 'Fit the data to a life distribution. 
 'Retrieve the fitted distribution model. 
 Dim WDSFittedModel as cModel
 WDSFittedModel = WDS.FittedModel
  'Use ClearDataSet to clear data and fitted model.